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Basil Pomodoro Pasta Sauce 24oz Jar

Basil Pomodoro Pasta Sauce 24oz Jar

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If you are looking for a fresh take on a classic italian pasta sauce, look no further than our basil pomodoro. Its light, tasty and fresh tomato flavor may seem simple to some, however to the discerning chef it is anything but. Ah, fresh tomatoes and basil - now there's a couple that is always welcome for dinner! Pemberton's Pomodoro Basilico pasta sauce is crafted with premium, vine-ripened tomatoes, imported extra-virgin olive oil, and fresh basil, onions, and garlic that will have you mirthfully declaring, "this tomato basil tops all!" Perfect with meatballs, spicy sausages, or completely on its own with grated parmesan cheese, make our Pemberton's Pomodoro Basilico a delicious companion to your favorite pasta and bread-dipping appetizers.


Ingredients: Whole tomatoes (plum tomatoes, basil, salt, citric acid), Onions, Crushed Tomatoes (tomatoes, salt, citric acid), Water, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Red Wine Vinegar, Garlic, Basil, Sea Salt, Black Pepper


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