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Norma K Salway

I Can Hear The Music: A Memoir Book

I Can Hear The Music: A Memoir Book

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Norma Kimball Salway offers respite to those of us who are beaten down with worry about our friends, our family, and our world. She reminds us that everyone has bad times in their lives. We are not alone even when we think we are.

The author shares her losses: first her dad, her mom, her husband, and recently her best friend. Throughout each trial that might defeat even the strongest person, Salway has found solace by turning to music. She tells us through her stories how she overcame tough times. She thinks we can, too. She wants us to make time to hear the music even when we are hurting.

I Can Hear the Music inspires us to take the next step when we are nearly too weary to get out of bed. Give this book to a friend, and read it to your spouse or your loved one who is aching with the pain of loss.

You'll find comfort knowing that someone just like you came out on the other side of grief. You can too.

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