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Hidden Trail Candle Co.

2.5 oz. Capuchino Wax Melt

2.5 oz. Capuchino Wax Melt

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Can't get enough coffee? These sweet-scented wax melts are the epitome of coffee candles. Bright notes of French vanilla and cream round out the scent, for something you'll go bananas for. Made with sustainable soy wax and a high-quality fragrance, this strongly-scented candle is both vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. Just a couple of cubes last for days!

NOTES: Coffee, Vanilla, Cream, Caramelized Sugar, and Butter

Wax Melt Specs:
2.5 oz. Net Weight
Renewable Soy Wax
6 Cubes Per Wax Melt
High-Quality Fragrances
2 Cubes Last For Days

Wax Melt Tips:
ALWAYS Read Warning Label Before Using
Use Only in a UL Listed Warmer
Do NOT Add Water

Each item is carefully handmade by me in my home in central Maine. Due to this, there may be light imperfections (slightly off-centered label, wax discoloration, scratches on the clamshell, etc.) These do not impact the quality of the wax melt.
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